About Maggie

I began my career in nursing, learning to become a CNA in Virginia. From there I worked at a few hospitals in and around the Potomac Highlands where I took additional CNA classes and worked to become a Virginia Registered Nurse. My husband and I began our family in 2011, when I retired from my nursing career and stayed home to raise my children. After 6 years, I ventured out to start my own interior design firm. Since then I have never looked back. My passion for helping people began in a career in nursing and has since transformed into a love for design and the creative. I find inspiration in bringing new life to spaces, instilling energy and passion in my customer's workplace and home.

If you are a Potomac Highlands area Realtor, Remodeling Agency, or Construction Design firm, please contact me to request a quote.


Maggie was amazing! She came into our 1980s class-B office-building and with some new lighting, paint, accent walls, furniture and some throw pillows, was able to completely change the look and feel of our offices! I would highly recommend Maggie to anyone looking for interior design in the greater Virginia area!

- Dave Hamilton
Owner, Hamilton & Associates

I still don't know how she does it -- changing the mood, energy and life of our office with a few simple changes. Maggie is a true visionary!

- Emily Johnson
Owner, Hamilton & Associates

What’s New?

We have partnered with Security Guard Training Central to build out their training centers for their security guard classes around the East Coast. This includes partnering with local community and vocational schools as part of the program.

Upon several client requests, we are looking to partner with a security company to provide security systems for construction, real estate companies, and homeowners.

We have partnered with Herman Miller & Steelcase to bring you the best in professional office furniture.

We officially open for business in the greater Potomac Highlands area!