5 Must-Know Things About Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

You may have heard your friends or family talk about laser hair removal or even read about it in beauty magazines. Today, laser hair removal is among the most sought after hair removal methods due to its effectiveness. The process can take as little as 10 minutes per session which will make it possible to fulfill your day’s obligations after your appointment.

The speed at which you’ll begin seeing a reduction in body hair varies from person to person. What is important to know is that regardless of how long it takes, laser hair removal will at some point get rid of all unwanted hair on your body.

Here are some amazing truths you must know about laser hair removal:

1. It is Affordable

When laser hair removal was introduced, the process was too expensive and only the well-to-do could afford it. You could only get the process done in a cosmetic dermatology center. Things are now different as the costs are lower and the services are available in professional hair removal spas. As a result of the rising competition, these spas charge a lower price for laser hair removal without compromising the quality of the services.

Compared to hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving, laser hair removal has a higher initial cost. However, you’ll reap maximum benefits from the process when you permanent get rid of the unwanted hair on your body. A person who was afraid to invest in the process will keep spending money on shaving or waxing while you smile all the way to the beach without the fear of unwanted hair popping out of your bikini.

2. You Can Easily Book Your Appointment at A Professional Spa

The number of professional spas offering laser hair removal is growing by the day and this makes it easier to book your appointments. Whether you want to have your hair removal after work, during lunch break or even before your report to work, all you need is to make arrangements with your aesthetician.

You need to conduct a background search regarding the spa so that you can know the quality of the services, the types of laser used at the spa, the cost, and the feedback from people who previously had laser hair removal at the spa.

3. Your Hair Removal Results Will Not be the Same as Everyone Else’s

Your laser hair removal outcome will not be the same as that of the person that recommended the laser process to you. You may get excellent results after only a few sessions or you may need more appointments to get results. Whichever the case, you will at one time permanently get rid of your unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal is an ongoing process and to get the most from it, you need to honor every appointment to get the results that you want. The aesthetician will want to work on your unwanted hair when it is in the growing phase and if you don’t avail yourself, there is nothing the aesthetician can do to make the process more effective. Your zeal and commitment will play a huge role in determining the outcome of laser hair removal.

4. Laser Hair Removal is Less Painful than Waxing

If you have had waxing hair removal in the past, you understand the level of pain you have to bear during the entire process. Regardless of how experienced the aesthetician is, you’ll need to apply numbing cream or take a pain-relieving tablet to make the process less painful.

Laser hair removal is less painful which makes it a great choice for people who have a lower tolerance to pain. During the process, you’ll feel as though tiny pins are pricking your skin and if this makes you too uncomfortable, you can ask the aesthetician to apply numbing cream or take some pain medications.

5. The Process is Quite Fast

As much as you want to get rid of unwanted hair, it would not be right to spend the entire day at the spa. Laser hair removal can take as little as 10 minutes per session and this makes it possible for you to schedule your hair removal appointment at any time of the day. To make it even better there are minimal side effects that are associated with laser hair removal which makes the process quite safe.

If you previously suffered from ingrown hair after a waxing hair removal process, laser hair removal will be the right solution. The few side effects you may suffer from the process such as skin irritation will disappear in a few days and everything will get back to normal.              

To make laser hair removal more effective, you need to ensure that you make the necessary preparations such as shaving your hair to the right length. You also need to avoid overexposing your skin to the sun before your appointment to avoid getting sunburns. Tanning beds are a no go zone as well if you don’t want to suffer from serious burns during the hair removal process.

Ask for a Patch Test Before the Actual Appointment

Your skin is unique and may react differently during laser hair removal. Visiting the spa before your appointment will help you to find out if the person who’ll be carrying out the hair removal is well trained.

The truth is your skin may react differently from a laser hair removal process. To be sure that you’ll not suffer from pigmentation issues, scarring, or discoloration from laser hair removal, ask for a patch test on a hidden part of your skin. If there is no negative reaction after a few days, you can proceed to confirm your hair removal appointment.

Laser Hair Removal

Patience is one of the biggest virtues you need to embrace during a laser hair removal process. You should not expect to go for your first appointment and leave the spa free from all unwanted hair. For most people, it will take up to 3 or four appointments to begin seeing the desired results. With patience and consistency, however, you will enjoy smoother, hair-free skin.