Travel Guide: Eastern United States

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Possibilities are, you’ve traveled to the United States prior to. As Canada’s neighbour, it produces a relatively simple and prominent journey. In our overview, we’ll cover some of the very best instances of where to enter the Eastern US; begging cities, archaeological sites, parks, coastlines, and extra as we make our method down the coast. A great deal of the joy in discovering the United States originates from just driving with, stopping in lesser-known towns and cities and also making your very own experience. We can’t truly record that right here, but these are the locations that you have to resolve dropping in whether you’re on a trip or just flying in.


This is the United States, so we currently know the transport network is comprehensive. Interstate freeways make it very easy to take on long trips. I-95 especially diminishes from Maine to Florida as well as can be made use of as the main thoroughfare for the East Coast. Naturally you always have the alternative to fly straight into your selected city and travel inexpensively by air within the United States. In the Northeast Corridor, travel by train is a sensible alternative with Amtrak servicing Washington DC, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia fairly adequately.


Pretty basic; the more south you go, the warmer it gets. New England as well as New York experience much of the very same weather condition we rise in Ontario or Quebec, so be careful when taking a lengthy journey through the north during the wintertime. As you move down the coastline, the weather gets warmer year round until you get to Miami. Keep in mind that Florida as well as the South can be very moist in the summer season.

Where to go in the Eastern US?

New England

It’s very close as well as a very easy very first stop on any kind of United States escape or road trip. As the native home of America, New England has plenty of background yet the natural elegance of the region is arguably an also bigger draw. There’s a whole lot you can see right here, so we’ll simply mention a couple of locations.

The biggest state in New England, Maine, features a long, rocky coast and also a wild interior, making it one of the best locations for outdoors kinds. Acadia National Park, small angling villages, as well as the very best lobster you’ll ever have – Maine supplies an opportunity to escape all of it. If you do crave world however, the dynamic city of Portland as well as prominent Old Orchard Beach will certainly make a hit.

It could be the only state in New England without an ocean coastline, however Vermont more than makes up for it with a stunning, rustic interior. Covered bridges, the altering colour of the fallen leaves in fall, and the Green Mountains themselves offer the state an unique feel and also society. Still, probably the main factor to see is for the skiing as well as snowboarding throughout the winter season, with the state providing the most effective choice in eastern North America. Major ski hotels consist of Killington, Jay Peak, Okemo, and also much more. There’s likewise a huge craft beer market, with tons of different tastes and flavours on offer throughout the state.

The White Mountains in New Hampshire is a great location to check out for walkers, travelers, and also sightseers. The Presidential Range goes to the heart, with Mount Washington one of the most renowned (and highest) mountain in the eastern. It is well known for its stormy weather condition and also held the record for fastest wind rate worldwide for 76 years. Still, if you can make it to the top on a good day (either by driving, under your own power, or via the renowned gear railway), you’ll be dealt with to spectacular views and boasting rights.

You can not visit New England without a stop in Boston. Despite not being that huge (24th in the US), Boston has a large city really feel to it. From its well-known sporting activities groups to its background as the ‘Cradle of Liberty’, Boston has actually always been at the center of America. With a great songs scene, tons of bars (Irish as well as sports bar alike), and historical views such as the Bunker Hill Monument; Boston is a city that deserves to be experienced.

Last but not least, be sure to stop by historic Cape Cod (regarding an hour as well as half from Boston) to take a look at among the leading tourist destinations in the Northeast. Boating, angling, coastlines, and a long history of naval culture make Cape Cod the perfect ocean getaway in the area. Camp out, stay in one of the enchanting communities, or look into one of the many tourist centres; Cape Cod has everything.

New York City City

There’s no globe where New York would not make it on a list of locations to see in the US (not to mention simply the East). It’s the biggest city in the country as well as probably the most crucial solitary city on the planet. That may seem like hype, but when you’re going through Midtown Manhattan you’ll get the exact same feeling. There’s plenty to see as well as do below. Of course, there are the well-known views such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, and also the brand-new One World Trade Centre however a lot of the joy will certainly originate from exploring the different areas and various cultures. Centuries of immigration have actually turned New York right into one of the most varied cities on earth, making sure there is something for everybody. One thing to remember however, New York can be a really costly city to see, so absolutely save a bit of cash money. Still, there’s no much better city in which to shed on your own as well as New York will certainly continue to capture the hearts and also minds of visitors and also citizens alike for years to find.


While it can commonly be ignored because of its closeness to New York, Philadelphia is no slouch itself – it’s the 5th largest city in the nation. Philly supplies a more authentic East Coast city experience, with renewed areas assisting to make it an extremely habitable location. Besides a dynamic cultural scene (from music to the arts), Philadelphia, the initial capital of the new United States, is residence to numerous popular historical sights as well as experiences. The Liberty Bell as well as Independence Hall are the most popular but many others deserve an appearance, such as the Franklin Institute (a scientific research museum). While it may not have the attraction of New York or Boston, Philadelphia is a rewarding quit as you make your way down the shore.

Washington, D.C.

No trip down the East Coast is full without a drop in the country’s resources. Making use of the (remarkably big) National Mall as a starting factor, you can go to much of the landmarks, structures, and also monuments made renowned by plenty of movies and also news reports. The Mall extends from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capital, with the enforcing Washington Monument occupying the centre. Nearby you can find loads of other government offices and buildings, including one of the most well-known residence worldwide. There’s tons of museums to see below, much of them part of the distinguished Smithsonian (which are all totally free). Realistically, there are too many legendary sights to listing below but spend some time to explore them yourself!

Historic Triangle

This team of 3 areas in Virginia supplies an excellent window into the history of colonial and cutting edge America. There’s Jamestown, which was the initial permanent English negotiation in the New World (dating back to 1607). Williamsburg came to be the funding of Virginia in 1699 (though it would later be transferred to Richmond) and also grew into an essential hotbed of the change. Lastly, Yorktown was the site of the British surrender to George Washington by General Cornwallis in 1781. You can take a cost-free shuttle in between the 3, but if you just have time for one stop – make it Colonial Williamsburg. The historical district of the city has actually been turned into a living gallery, as well as uses a peek into American history from pre-Revolution days onward. Close by, the resources Richmond has a wide range of historical websites including ‘the White House of the Confederacy’. Norfolk, on the coast, is likewise house to the biggest naval base on the planet, while neighboring Virginia Beach’s bright coasts are preferred with residents and vacationers. Assateague, an island in the Chesapeake Bay, is residence to globe famous wild steeds.


Relocating further down the coast, we locate ourselves in an additional city where the past revives, this time around in Georgia. Savannah is popular for a multitude of historical buildings, rock streets, as well as lush, green parks. Wandering the streets will certainly give you a preference of Southern culture and hospitality in the best feasible setup. Go to one of several manors located throughout the city, take a peek at old warehouses, and make certain to venture to the beachfront. While the history of the city is enough to generate travelers, there is a various side to Savannah after the sun decreases. With bars, clubs, as well as more, the city has not a problem dropping the fine-tuned outside to allow loose with reckless abandon.

Miami and The Keys

After travelling through the state of Florida (that includes Orlando’s Disney World as well as the Everglades) and finally making it to the southern pointer, you’ll be dealt with to a city like nothing else. Miami has an extremely different feel from the remainder of Florida with a huge Hispanic population contributing to the cultural makeup of the city (there’s in fact a Spanish-speaking bulk below). Miami is a beautiful and also warm city, whose attractive face provides well to the loads of movies and TV shows established there. From Miami Beach to the globe renowned bars as well as bars, the area has gained its track record as one of the worlds finest event locations (feel in one’s bones that it usually will not come economical). Not far from Miami exist the Keys, an archipelago that separates the Atlantic Ocean and also Gulf of Mexico. Mangroves, beaches, as well as the event environment of Key West particularly are all factors you have to check them out if you’ve made it this far.

Puerto Rico

Yes, this isn’t a state yet it’s still part of the US, is geographically ‘eastern’, and also absolutely worth a see. The funding and largest city, San Juan, supplies an appealing mix of the historical (countless army fts along the coast), the definitely Spanish or Latin American (the multicoloured Mediterranean style architecture and also cuisine), as well as the modern-day. A region of the US because Spain ceded it to them complying with the Spanish-American War in 1898, Puerto Rico remains in the one-of-a-kind position of a Latin American destination that is still considered American. There’s plenty more to see on the island, from the gorgeous beaches Culebra and Vieques to the jungle and also falls of El Yunque.

US Virgin Islands

To the eastern of Puerto Rico lies another crown jewel in American territorial ownerships – the US Virgin Islands. Throughout the islands, you can obtain a preference of West Indies culture from the lovely white sand beaches, vibrant areas, as well as popular rum making. There are lots of minor islands but three keys ones that are generally checked out. The busiest is Saint Thomas since it acts as the entrance for both flights as well as cruise liner. The island is greatly advertised between the cruise liner as well as resorts yet that doesn’t take away from the warm, clear waters as well as excellent food. And also, the unique hillsides and also high cliffs make quite the impression. Close-by lies the less took a trip Saint John. Since the majority of the island is a secured park, the visitor features are much fewer right here. Treking and a few of the most effective snorkeling you can discover make this arguably the optimal island for a far more low-key experience. Last But Not Least, Saint Croix (by far the biggest island) is popular for its woodlands, cliffs, mountains, hundred-year-old fts, and rum production.

Just how much does it set you back?

There’s no simple solution to this concern. Also getting to the United States will vary significantly depending upon if you’re driving or flying in. If you fly from Pearson, you can in some cases obtain big salami flights to Boston in the $250-$ 400 Canadian array, depending on what airline you are taking as well as when you intend on going. With various other destinations, prices will rise and fall as well. Make sure to do your research study before you schedule anything, as there are TONS of choices readily available. If you do not intend to fly in, driving and also busing are both practical options that can possibly conserve you money.

When you’re in the United States, daily expenses can range from rather expensive to extremely economical. An average day’s budget plan might run up to $260 with $128 for lodging and $47 for food. However, while costs like this may be typical in cities, you can definitely manage with closer to $100 and even $50 a day if you’re frugal. It all relies on what you’re doing. Spending a weekend in Miami? You’ll possibly blow via a lot of cash money. If you’re taking a road trip or camping out in Acadia, there’s the prospective to conserve large. Be alerted however, with the present solid United States dollar, anticipate to spend a little greater than you would usually.

Health and Safety

As you know, the United States is a safe country generally. There is no across the country advisory basically and also regular safety and security procedures are advised throughout according to the Canadian federal government. Undoubtedly, there are locations of specific cities that are much more dangerous yet this is all on a case-by-case basis. Violent criminal offense is typically extra usual in the United States than in Canada, so most definitely understand your area of the city prior to you start walking. One specific point to look out for is a boost in break-ins (particularly automobiles), assaults, as well as pickpocketing around Miami. Usage caution within the city and also at the airport and also see to it your items are safe.

Overall, there shouldn’t be anything standing in the means of an excellent trip to the Eastern United States. Use your best judgment as well as you need to be fine. As a lot of you need to know what to get out of the US now, we do not require to enter into a lot more detail.